Monday, December 1, 2008

photography blog

I think this picture turned out great! There is a big range of values, and it has a great emotion to it. Its a really happy picture. I'm really satisfied with it, especially because it was my first picture that I ever took without a digital camera. I have to say that photography with film is much more complicated then I though. I'm used to just pressing a button and seeing the  picture on the screen, but with film I have to figure out which parts I want to focus on and how I want the lighting to be because the lighting has a big part in the picture, you have to make sure there's a wide range of color, especially since its black and white. If the picture is all shades of grey it will start blending in.
I have to say this class is a lot different the how I thought it would be, there is a lot behind photography that is not just pressing a button, and as shallow as it sounds, I never really realized it before.
I cant wait to finish the "CD cover" assignment

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